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Feedback from our Customers in Australia:


“Just want to say thanks for your prompt service. Because of your quick supply I was able to proceed with production of my product without delay. This means that I can meet the deadline for distribution (in short… everyone is happy!). I’ll be recommending you and your business to others that I deal with!” – Brenton

“I cannot believe how quickly you did this. As someone who had absolutely no idea how to get a bar code I found your website very clear and helpful and the speed of service spectacular. I will definitely be in touch next time I need one.” – Ali

“What a fantastic service. Affordable, reliable and very fast. I got my barcode within an hour of logging onto the site and I am most impressed. My product is an Aluminium Gutter Guard that is strong, durable, fire proof and long lasting, but takes minutes to install. It is a one product sales route so to have to buy 100 codes at a high rate and join a club is out of the question. Buying from Barcodes Ltd means I keep my overheads low, which means I can maintain a cost effective end product while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. Well done. I will be recommending your company to anyone who wants a barcode!!” – Anthony

“We really appreciate your quick attention and response to our query.” – Kelly

“Thank You! They where just on time for printing! will come back for sure.” – Theo

“Excellent and thanks for the fine kiwi service – from one kiwi to another Kia Ora!!! Kind regards.” – Jan

“Thank you so much for quick reply, fantastic service.” – Carly



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