Do You Guarantee That All Shops Will Accept Your Barcode Numbers?

For a comprehensive list of what we guarantee please click here. We also have a generous refund policy (to see it please click here).

Our barcode numbers are legal for use worldwide and in Australia. We have been in business for 9+ years, and have sold thousands of our barcode numbers to satisfied customers in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide. However, retailers can choose their own requirements for barcodes (whether or not their requirements make any sense!) Therefore we are unable to guarantee that all retailers everywhere in Australia and worldwide will accept our barcode numbers.

For a comprehensive list of the barcode requirements for retailers in Australia (and worldwide) go to our barcode acceptance page. This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and we keep it up-to-date, however the list may not be complete – we suggest that you contact your retailers directly to confirm what their barcode requirements are before you order your barcode numbers. If you are uncertain, feel free to contact us to check what the requirements are of particular stores – we may be able to assist you. On our barcode acceptance page you will see that there are a few retailers that – for some reason – require you to become a member of GS1 (and pay GS1’s annual membership fees) and get your barcodes from them. Our company competes with GS1, and we are able to offer barcodes for a one-off price (with no ongoing “membership” fees).

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