Why was the International Barcodes Network established?

The International Barcodes Network was created to provide expert barcode knowledge and barcode products to companies and individuals (big or small) worldwide. We quickly discovered that many people around the world were desperate for a legal, authentic, and affordable solution compared to joining their local GS1 organisation (and paying the expensive annual license fees). Our Network is able to compete with GS1, providing affordable barcodes to our customers for a one-off price – no future fees or hidden costs. The International Barcodes Network has been very successful, we have regular customer enquiries and orders from all corners of the world. As of today (June 2016) our network has supplied barcodes to thousands of customers in over 100 different countries globally. Our network has teams working directly in 20+ different countries, and a large number of other agents supplying our barcodes to their local communities all over the world. For more information please see the International Barcodes Network Website.


To buy the following barcode types please use these links: CD barcodes, DVD barcodes, ISBN book barcodes and ISSN magazine barcodes.