Why Should I Purchase Barcodes From You?

Barcode1 Australia provides affordable EAN (or UPC) retail barcodes for a one-off price. When you choose us for your barcode needs, you can receive:

Affordable EAN-13 Retail Barcode Numbers  – in EAN-13 (or UPC) format

Single purchase price (no annual or future fees)

Ownership of the barcode forever – the barcode is yours for life.

Barcode Images. High DPI resolution, and sent to you straight away by email if you order a “Barcode Package” online.

Membership not required – The only form you need to complete is the checkout form! To get barcodes from us, you don’t have to become a member, or complete a lengthy form!

Receive your barcodes IMMEDIATELY – If you order a “barcode package” or “barcode number” on our website, you will receive the barcode order straight away by email.

Verification available – If needed we can provide verification reports for your barcodes. Verification gives you access to a number of the larger retailers and supermarket chains, e.g. Coles, Metcash, Myers, IGA, Bunnings, and Woolworths.

REGISTRATION – If you purchase a “barcode package” your barcode will be eligible for registration on the International Barcodes Database.

We can provide your barcode in UPC-A format if required – If you buy a “barcode number” or “package package” from our website, you’ll receive your barcode by email in EAN-13 format, via our automated system. EAN-13 is the correct format to use on retail products in Australia (and most parts of the world). However, in the USA & Canada, the UPC-A format barcode is preferred – if you are exporting to those countries you may want to get a UPC-A format barcode. We can easily supply your barcode in UPC-A format if requested – just send us an email after you have placed your order.

INTERNATIONAL BARCODES NETWORK – Part of a network of international barcode suppliers. Members focus on supplying barcodes within a specific country, so they are best able to understand the specific barcoding requirements in that country and provide prompt local-language barcoding advice and service. Members have access to resources to help ensure that their barcodes are accepted by more retailers in each country. This means that barcodes purchased from our members are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other barcode reseller. Visit International Barcodes Network here.

Please see ‘why buy from us‘ for more information on this. Contact us if you have any questions.

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