Will the Barcode Number I Buy Be Unique?

Yes it will! – if you buy from us your bar code number will be unique, authentic, and legal for use worldwide. See our guarantee page for more information. We guarantee that the barcode numbers we issue have never been used on a retail product before. Our barcode numbers originally come from the UCC – Uniform Code Council (now known as GS1-US). This means our numbers are part of the global authorised database of barcode numbers, and will not clash with any other legal retail barcode number anywhere in the world.

If you buy a “Barcode Package” from us you will receive a Guarantee Certificate (Certificate of Authenticity) in PDF format, sent by email. This verifies that you are the legal owner of the barcode number. We also have a written guarantee from the company that our barcodes have come from certifying that the barcodes are for our resale only – the company we obtain the barcodes from is recommended by George Laurer (who invented the 12 digit UPC bar code). We also check our barcodes for theft and illegal usage online before selling them, so you can know when you purchase them that no one is using them illegally.

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