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Barcode Artwork Fingerprint barcode

You or your graphic designer might want to get a bit creative with your barcode image, so that your barcode reflects your product or brand. Below are some examples of “barcode art” which may give you some ideas about what you can do. Please note that some of the example images below might not be scannable (or easily scannable) in a retail environment.

If you do want to change your barcode in any way please ensure that the barcode dimensions are okay – ie. the barcode should be at least 30mm wide (for more information please see barcode dimensions).You will also need to make sure that you leave at least a 3mm white margin (‘quiet zone’) to the left and right sides of the vertical bacode bars. Also, please make sure that any image/design doesn’t impede on the barcode bars too much (the barcode scanner needs to be able to ‘scan’ cleanly across the barcode bars – from left to right – unimpeded by the artwork). If you want to change the design of your barcode the best way is to change the top part of the barcode bars, or put a design above the barcode bars – but leave the bottom part (the bottom 12mm – 15mm) of the vertical bars untouched. Please print and test the barcode image before mass-printing it, to ensure it scans fine. We are happy to do a test-scan with our barcode scanner if you want, as well, and give you some feedback – just email as a PDF of the final printed barcode on the label/packaging (please contact us).

If you are considering changing the barcode colours (ie. not printing in black bars on a white background) there are some important things to be aware of, so please check out our Barcode Colour Guide.

Cloudrain barcode Abseiling Cliff barcode Bread Sliced barcode Cleaver barcode