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Do you have your barcode numbers already?

No, please order barcode numbers here (our barcode numbers include registration).

Yes, then please go ahead and order registration on this page.

‘Barcode Registration’ means that your barcode number(s) and product(s) will be registered in some of the dominant barcode databases on the internet.

Note – Barcode registration is included with all of the barcode numbers we sell. You should only purchase barcode registration if you have a barcode through another provider that you wish to register.

When you get to the checkout page, please enter your barcode numbers into the “enter your barcode number(s) here” box. If you have more than one barcode number, please separate each number with a comma. We will then send you an email asking for proof that you own the barcode numbers. When we receive proof of barcode ownership, we will activate your barcode numbers for registration and give you instructions on how to register them at

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    Purchase Registration (for an EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode number that you already own) below. You will be able to register your barcode on the International Barcodes Database (product information submitted to that database will also get submitted to several other main online barcode databases). After we receive your order we’ll email you a request for proof of barcode ownership. When we receive proof that you are the owner of your barcode number we will give you instructions for how to register your barcode.

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How will my barcode get registered?

After we receive your registration order (and proof of barcode ownership) we will activate your barcode number for registration and then send you an email with your receipt & instructions on how to register your barcode.

Please note that we require proof that you own your barcode number. Please email this to us after you have placed your order above. This is to ensure that the barcode databases remain accurate and legitimate.

What are the benefits of barcode registration?

  • Your product details can appear on smartphone screens when your barcode is scanned, depending on which scanner app is used (click here for more info);
  • Your product information will show up in the search results if your barcode number is searched in Google or another search engine;
  • Registration increases the visibility of your product online. This will put people off attempting to illegally use your barcode number on places such as Amazon (as a quick online search will show that the barcode number is in use & owned by someone else). It is illegal for people to use barcode numbers owned by someone else – but it does sometimes happen (especially on sites like Amazon where proof of barcode ownership is not required).



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