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The barcode numbers we sell come from the official global barcode database (the same database that GS1 barcode numbers originate from) therefore they are legal for use in Australia and internationally. Each bar code number we sell is tested before sale to make sure it is not being illegally used on the internet – this is a safeguard for you & helps to avoid enforcement hassles (since barcode numbers are sometimes used illegally on the internet).

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Key Points
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International Barcode Network
(that’s us)
Other Barcode
Membership Organisations
EAN-13 retail barcode numbers
Barcodes suitable for use worldwide
Membership is not required
No signup fee
No recurring fees each year (one-off price)
Unique barcode numbers guaranteed
Thorough understanding of the barcoding requirements worldwide (10+ years experience)  
Part of International Barcodes Network
Can supply verification reports (therefore more retailers accept our barcodes)
Can provide Global Location Numbers (GLN’s)
Test all barcode numbers for illegal use
Custom barcode image size & resolution      
Supply Unique Company Prefix (for barcodes purchased in multiples of 10, 100 or 1000)
Provides barcode images
Can provide instant delivery of barcodes
Customer satisfaction is really important
Friendly customer service
International (our barcodes are being used in more than 120 countries)
Experience (more than 10 years experience with barcodes)
Easy to contact
Accurate advice (we tell it like it is)
Can register your barcodes
One-stop-shop (We can supply everything required for barcodes (including labels, GLN’s, images and more)



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