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You can buy EAN-13 retail barcodes here for all retail products (except books and magazines).

If you need a book barcode, magazine barcode, CD barcode, DVD barcode or a UPC Barcode then please click on the relevant link. The difference between UPC and EAN-13 barcodes is explained here.

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  • Barcode Packages

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY OF your EAN-13 barcode numbers*, barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpg, pdf, png, svg), barcode registration instructions and a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers. This product includes free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    The barcode images will be sent in the standard size (38mm x 25mm). If you require a different size please request this in the “additional information” section on the checkout page.

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 $52 each
    2 $45 each
    3 $40 each
    4 + $36 each
    5 + $31 each
    10 + $25 each
    15 + $21 each
    20 + $17 each
    30 + $14 each
    40 + $12 each
    50 + $10 each
    100 + $9.50 $4.50 each special price
    200 + Contact us for a quote.


    *EAN-13 barcode numbers are 13 digit barcodes suitable for use on all retail products in Australia and worldwide (except books and magazines). EAN-13′ s are the most common type of retail barcode worldwide (except in USA/Canada where they prefer the 12 digit UPC-A barcode). If you want a UPC-A barcode you can buy one here.

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How do I order a barcode for my product?

If you have a product that is being sold in retail stores you will need a retail barcode for your product. The most common type of retail barcode in Australia and worldwide is called “EAN-13” (a 13-digit number). If you order a “Barcode Package” (above) you will receive a suitable EAN-13 barcode number & barcode images (the vertical black bars and white spaces). You can then assign this to your product. A standard EAN-13 barcode number can be used on any retail product worldwide except books and magazines (books and magazines require a different type of barcode – please see the following links for ISBN book barcodes and ISSN magazine barcodes).


Do you need any product information from me?

No, we don’t need any product information from you. If you order a Barcode Package on our website all we require from you is your billing information (your company/personal name and postal address) and your email address. We don’t need any information about your product. When your order is received our system will automatically allocate a unique EAN-13 barcode number to you from our database of barcode numbers (the barcode will not have any product or company information encoded into it – it will just be a blank number). Your barcode number will only become connected to your product when your retailer enters the barcode number and product details into their inventory system.


How soon will I receive my barcode?

If you order a Barcode Package you will receive your barcode order by email automatically a few minutes after you place your order. If you have not received this email, please check your junk folder and then contact us (we will resend the email).


What will you send me?

If you buy a Barcode Package from us you will receive an automatic email containing (a) your unique EAN-13 barcode number, (b) your unique barcode images (in 4 different digital images: jpeg, pdf, png, SVG), a guarantee certificate, and instructions for barcode registration.


How do I use my barcode?

After you have received your barcode order you can start using your barcode straight away. Just assign the barcod 07 EAN-13 Standard e number to your product, get the barcode image printed onto your product packaging, and then take the product into the retail stores. Your retailers will scan the barcode into their system & connect it with your product information. Follow this link for instructions on how to use your barcode. Some retailers require you to get a shipping barcode (an ITF-14 carton code) to go on the delivery boxes that are stored in the retailer’s warehouse. An ITF-14 barcode is a 14-digit number that is created from your 13-digit EAN barcode number (usually a “1” is added to the front of the number, and then the check digit at the end is recalculated). If you need an ITF-14 barcode please order one here.


Will I have to pay any ongoing fees to use my barcode?

No, you won’t. All of our prices are one-off. If you purchase a barcode from our company you will only have to pay once, and you can use the barcode for life. There are no other costs involved.


What other services do you offer?

Our complete Shop Page is here. We can provide sticky barcode labels; QR codes; ISBN barcodes (for books), ISSN barcodes (for magazines), ITF-14 carton codes (for delivery boxes), standard barcode images (for a barcode number that you already own), and registration.