Bee Lane Fine Smoked Foods

Bee Lane Fine Smoked Foods is an artisan smoke house that produces Cold Smoked Tomatoes of different flavours. All three flavours currently available are gold medal winners, and they have won Champion overall as well at the Perth Royal Show. Smoked with Jarrah wood, the tomatoes are immersed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and have no preservatives or additives.

We asked Bronwyn Lane why she chose to use Barcode1 Australia.

Why did you choose

I liked the website.

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design?

I started using barcodes from the beginning as the product went into retail outlets.

Which products are you selling and where are these products being sold?

Original Cold Smoked Tomatoes, Lemon Myrtle Cold Smoked Tomatoes and Star Anise Cold Smoked Tomatoes. Products are being sold in Australia at farmer’s markets, retail outlets, online and food service.

Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes? 

No problems at all. Very simple to use.

Would you recommend

Yes. Very easy to use the website and barcodes.

[Photography by Harriet Harcourt]