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Free Barcode Generators

Occasionally customers ask us about the ‘Free Barcode Generators’ found on the internet. There are two ways that these can work: Maple Tree barcode

1. The Barcode Number – These are not legal legitimate barcode numbers and are basically made up. It is only ok to do this if the numbers are for your own personal use, however if the numbers are for retail use then it is illegal to use these made up numbers and it can lead to serious problems if someone discovers this. Obtaining barcodes in this way (or from online stores that sell them very cheaply) will often cost you more money. People get sucked into an initial saving of $30 or so and are later faced with much greater consequences and expenses than the initial $30 saved.

2. The Barcode Images – Once you have your barcode number(s), there are multiple ways in which you can obtain the images. These are listed below:

  • You can use a free barcode generator on the internet and either download this or produce them online by typing in your barcode number. These barcode generators often do not let you change the size of the barcode and produce low quality images. If you are already spending a lot of money on having the packaging printed, the last thing you want is to have to reprint due to a mistake with the barcode.
  • You can get barcode font to use on your computer within word or another program. These do not work for retail barcodes and produce very low quality images which cause difficulties when scanning.
  • You can purchase professional barcode image software. The best programs cost several hundred dollars and it can be tiresome to figure out how to use them.  This may be the best option if you have hundreds of images to produce however if this is not the case it is probably cheaper and definitely easier to use the next option.
  • You can buy the barcode images here – for reasonable prices. These are completely adjustable (Size and Definition wise) and come automatically in a standard size with 600 dpi in 5 different file formats (Bitmap, eps, Tiff, Jpeg and PDF). We can also add text above or below and change the font if you wish as well as various things. If you have specific requirements and want to check that we can do them then please contact us.


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